Friday, June 3, 2016

The New Superbug!

πŸ’€ MRI Upgrade Timelapse - Two Weeks in 4 minutes

Ingredients for Life On a Comet, and Mars's Close-Up

Magnetic Reconnection-No, Electrified Plasma-Yes

πŸ”¬ Splicing and Dicing DNA: Genome Engineering and the CRISPR Revolution

🌈 To Unweave a Rainbow: Science and the Essence of Being Human

🌘 Shaking Up the Dark Universe: The Dark Horses of Dark Matter

Doctors Have Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Too

Crabs LOVE Science! | Nautilus Live

Creatures of Endeavour Vent Field | Nautilus Live

Endeavour Field: Bambi Hydrothermal Vent | Nautilus Live

Bamboo Coral | Nautilus Live

Endeavour Field: Godzilla Hydrothermal Vent | Nautilus Live

Crab Eating Fish | Nautilus Live

Fascinating Skates | Nautilus Live

Adorable Pink Octopus | Nautilus Live

Zooming in on the glowing gas cloud LHA 120-N55 in the Large Magellanic Cloud

The universe is expanding faster than it should

Close-up view of the glowing gas cloud LHA 120-N55 in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Beth Simon -- The Constellation: Sally Ride Science Conversations

25 Tragic Things You Might Want To Know About Obesity

ESOcast 84: The New E-ELT Design Unveiled

10 Schulabbrecher, die MillionΓ€re wurden!

SFN #165: Predicted Encounter w/ Milky Way Black Hole Missed; Universe is Accelerating Faster

AMAZING Facts You Never Knew About #SNAPCHAT!-Facts in 5

Poverty Is a Threat to Democracy, with Tavis Smiley

Jeff Bezos Says Space Will Save the World | HowStuffWorks NOW

Earth Expeditions: Sea Hunt for Climate-Ocean Biology Link

What's this NASA NAAMES thing all about?

TΓΆdlicher Herzinfarkt - Welt der Wunder

The Archaeology of Famine - Don Walker

Software Defined Networking - Computerphile

Inside KSC June 3, 2016

Space to Ground: Friending the ISS: 06/03/2016

The most powerful laser guide star system in the world sees first light at the Paranal Observatory

Why is Indigo in the Rainbow?

Collisions: Crash Course Physics #10

10 Least Convincing Fake IDs Ever

Lunar Surveyor's Historic Moon Landing - 50 Years Ago


Scientists show that dogs were domesticated twice

Earth from Space: Southern Maine