Thursday, May 5, 2016

Friction: Crash Course Physics #6

T-119 Flyby: Double Midnight

Launch & Landing of SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket with Japanese JCSAT-14

The Science Behind the 1906 Earthquake | California Academy of Sciences

Reading Earthquakes: Visualizing Earth’s Interior | California Academy of Sciences

Plate Movement: 200 Million Years Ago to Present Day | California Academy of Sciences

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Hissing Scorpions | California Academy of Sciences

Scorpion Evolution | California Academy of Sciences

Vor 20 Jahren: Wahlkampf in Moskau

Videoanalyse zum Parteitag: "AfD ist Briefkasten fΓΌr den Frust vieler Deutscher"

Videoanalyse zu AfD-Grundsatzprogramm: "Wie eine Reise in die Bundesrepublik der 60er Jahre"

Vor 20 Jahren - Mai Randale in Berlin

Mayo Clinic Minute: Opioid Overdose Drug


Is radiation dangerous? - Matt Anticole

What is metallic glass? - Ashwini Bharathula

The poet who painted with his words - Geneviève Emy

The physics of the "hardest move" in ballet - Arleen Sugano

The invisible motion of still objects - Ran Tivony

What is abstract expressionism? - Sarah Rosenthal

Drakensburg UFO - Open Photo Archive

Milan, Italy UFO - Photo Archive

Star Wars Parody - Paw Warz - Trench Run Scene - Petody ®

Wrinkly Bulldog Puppy Howls! SO DARN CUTE! - Puppy Love

Katy Perry - California Gurls (ft Snoop Dog) - Katy Puppy - California Grrrs / Wide Awoof - Petody

Sewn up by a robot surgeon

Female sea lions, mortality and scavengers

How Many Friends Can You Actually Have?

Fun Country Pets Compilation 2016

A Moment with Aleksey Ovchinin

Your kids might live on Mars. Here's how they'll survive | Stephen Petranek

Who IS Sherlock Holmes? - Neil McCaw

Tully monster mystery SOLVED!

Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

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T cells use mechanics to separate 'friends' from 'foes'

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The Key to Universal Science Writing Is Subjectivity and Personalization

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Freestyle Taekwondo w/ Mincheol Shin & Mirme | 360° Experience

Michael Clarage: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun Model | EU2015

Lowell Morgan: The Physics of Plasmas | EU2015

Jano Onderco: SAFIRE Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Correlation | EU2015

SFN #160: Nanoprobes to the Stars?; Kepler Has a Problem; More Water on Europa?

StationLIFE: Physical Science – May 2016

Space Station Live: Getting the Dirt on Regolith

What's New in Space Station Science

Recording of student-built OUFTI-1 CubeSat

ExoMars is on its way

ESA astronaut Tim Peake controls rover from space

Train like a rover-driving astronaut

TaeKwonDo Rockers vs. Cocaine-Dealing Ninjas: The True Story of 'Miami Connection'


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