Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Earthrise: The Story Behind William Anders' Apollo 8 Photograph | 100 Photos | TIME

πŸ‘΄ 27 Amazing Accomplishments of Elderly People - mental_floss List Show Ep. 447

UFOTV Presents - UFOs - Mexico Contact Point and the UFO Vigilantes - FEATURE FILM

SciShow Quiz Show: Writer vs. Creator

Your Body on Drugs: Molly (MDMA)

Pilot Wave Theory and Quantum Realism | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

King of DIY vs GIANT SNAKES! SnakeBytesTV

Neil Wallace: electrifying spacecraft propulsion

Donald Trumps Mauer: Das sagen die Menschen and der Grenze dazu | Galileo

Kotzende Kuchen - Comic-Dim Sum aus Hong Kong | Galileo Lunch Break

πŸ‘©‍πŸ”¬ The Most Gruesome Parasites – NTDs Explained

Acid and Alkali (THERMAL IMAGING) - Periodic Table of Videos

Functional Programming & Haskell - Computerphile

πŸ”¬ Is now the time to synthesize the human genome?

Digging Thornton Abbey Plague Pit

Mayo Clinic Minute: Seeing Alzheimer's in a new way

Make a Tritium Nuclear Battery or Radioisotope Photovoltaic Generator

😻 Why Do We Like Shiny Things?

Are Gay Men Funny?

4 Steps for Optimizing Situational Awareness and Visual Intelligence | Amy Herman

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

☀ Would the Death Star's superlaser actually work?

The Navy's Part in Operation Sandstone (Nuclear Tests, Enewetak Atoll) 1948 AEC - USN

Real Time with Bill Maher: Trump Control Your Life (HBO New Rule)

The Daily Show - President-Elect Trump's Conflicts of Interest

3 Planets That Shouldn't Exist

πŸ€ͺ Why Don't Some People Believe In Science?

Dimitrios Psaltis | The Black Hole Test || Radcliffe Institute

'Hey Bill Nye, What's the Evolutionary Purpose of Music and Art?'

Where Do Diamonds Come From?

7 Things We Don't Know About Earth

25 Facts That Will Ruin Your Day And Maybe Even Your Week

Will Russia Use Nuclear Weapons?

πŸ’© Why Do Animals Eat Their Own Poop?

Understanding Antarctica's Ghost Lakes

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow your Mind! #55

Space Station Commander Discusses Life in Space with Texas Radio Station

Everything Wrong With I Robot In 14 Minutes Or Less

Ministerial 2016: The next era of space

The Epiphany Of A Kiss

15 Funny Pet Videos Compilation 2016


Reference Pricing, CALPERS, and Reduced Health Care Costs

10 an Land gespΓΌlte mysteriΓΆse Kreaturen!

The Cyborg Beetles Designed to Save Human Lives

How Humans Made Malaria So Deadly

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Pets Compilation 2016

Building Better Nanodiscs

What the Fahrenheit?!

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper: The Story Behind The 1932 Photo | 100 Photos | TIME

Check Email and Social Media Obsessively? It’s Basic Biology | Tim Wu

These Greek Villagers Whistle to Chat

Sensors for your sweat

🐦 Why Don’t Woodpeckers Get Concussions?

Atlas LV-3B for Project Mercury: "Project Mercury and You" ~ 1961 Convair Astronautics

Microorganisms: "Microscopic Life: The World of the Invisible" 1958 Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

Top 10 Amazing Space Facts

Retroviruses: Microbial Supervillains

πŸ¦… Can Bird Poop Make Clouds?

Contractarianism: Crash Course Philosophy #37

Cassini Ring Grazing Orbits

Sunday, November 27, 2016

7 Things You Should Know About Bed Bugs

10 Realities Of Life On Mars

9 Cute Animals That Are Secretly Monsters

Slavoj Ε½iΕΎek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism

#SfN16: The World's Largest Neuroscience Conference

Why Live Video of Police Violence Is So Traumatic — and So Revolutionary | Wesley Lowery

πŸŒ‘ Could We Create A Livable Atmosphere On The Moon?

ESA Euronews: KΓΆnnen wir Asteroiden vom Kurs ablenken?

Earth from Space: Special edition Nov 22, 2016

Proxima docking and ingress highlights

Ministerial 2016: Technology

ESA Euronews: Can we deflect asteroids?

The Mystery Of The Devil's Footprint

πŸ“± Why It Takes 75 Elements To Make Your Cell Phone

Bruno Mars "24K Magic" PARODY! The Key of Awesome UNPLUGGED!

5 Darkest Reddit Secrets

What Is Hiding In These Mysterious Images of Antarctica?

POOP CHARGER and more TECH GIFTS -- The 12 Days Of LÜT

Why Did You Skip a Period?

Limitations Are a Story We Tell Ourselves — Go Beyond Them with Mindfulness | Lawrence Levy

Cosmological Redshift - How Old and Far Away?

Friday, November 25, 2016

TIL: Why Mars' Ocean Disappeared | Today I Learned

TIM the Robot: Monitoring the LHC tunnel

25 Foods That Are Harmful For Your Kitty

Earth Expeditions: CORAL Probes the Great Barrier Reef

Ministerial 2016: Earth Observation

Origins of the Web - Computerphile

🐾 Hyena Cubs Steal Camera - Behind The Scenes - Planet Earth II

πŸ€– Dextre tests NASA’s International Space Station Robotic External Leak Locator (IRELL)

10 Geheimnisse ΓΌber Area 51

This is How NASA Guides Robots Around Mars

πŸ’Ž Are Man-Made Diamonds Really Diamonds?

Ali vs. Liston: Behind Neil Leifer's Photograph | 100 Photos | TIME

09:03 Stratospheric Skydiving: Opening the Door to Civilian Space Travel | Alan Eustace

The "Impossible" Propulsion System

7 Strangest Plans For The FUTURE

Pioneer 3 Lunar Probe 1958 NASA (United States Space Explorations) Launch & Mission Animation

Quick, Draw!: Doodling for Science

Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #4

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Food Compilation - Happy Thanksgiving!

3 Lighter Hacks with Science of Floating Flame

Evolution - How Earth Evolved from Dinosaurs, Vertebrates to Mammals 1920s

πŸš€ Did Neil Armstrong Almost Die In Space?

Becoming Infinite With Music

SNAP-10A: First Nuclear Reactor In Space 1965 Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)

The New World Order Conspiracy

10 TERRIFYING Cases of DEMØNIC Possession

WHO: HIV self-testing - Questions and Answers

Ministerial 2016: Telecom

The Late Show's Post-Election Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Ministerial 2016: Launchers

25 Misleading Phrases If You Don’t Know Their True Meaning

BIRD vs SNAKE - Snake Uses Clever Technique to get Away

Thanksgiving Pets Video Compilation 2016

Here's One Way to Defy Gravity

Everything Wrong With Independence Day Resurgence

Training #3: Differential Reinforcement

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Space to Ground: Giving Thanks for a New Crew: 11/23/2016

3 Ways Science Can Bust Art Forgeries

OSIRIS-REx Will Map Entire Asteroid Bennu with Lasers

Donald Trump's Cabinet and Conflicts of Interest: A Closer Look

Trump's Promises and Personnel: A Closer Look

Trump's Foreign Business Ties: A Closer Look

Cartoon Trump And Cartoon Putin Make First Joint Public Appearance

President-Elect Trump Is Tweeting To Relieve The Pressure

Stephen Speaks Out Against Diplomatic Bullying

The Daily Show - Team Trump Proposes a Muslim Registry

Donald Trump Transition Turmoil: A Closer Look

'Post-Truth' Is Just A Rip-Off Of 'Truthiness'

Trump vs. 'Hamilton' Inspires A Hip Hop Musical Spin-Off

7 Strangest HOLES on Earth

The Trump Train Is Already Off The Rails

Jonny Walker's GoPro View of the Red Bull Knock Out Beach Track

Head-to-Head Wingsuit Slalom Racing | Red Bull Aces 2016

Everything Wrong With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Everything Wrong With Contact In 19 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With X-Men Apocalypse In 20 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With The Purge: Election Year

Why are sharks so awesome? - Tierney Thys

Are food preservatives bad for you? - Eleanor Nelsen

Why do we feel nostalgia? - Clay Routledge

πŸ›°️ These Satellite Dishes Can See Electrons 100 km Away

😨 What Holding Your Breath Does To Your Body

✈️ How Airplanes Are Designed To Feel Bigger On The Inside

😷 What Does Bone Marrow Actually Do?

Earth from Space: Virunga mountains

Earth from Space: Gibson Desert

Chinese greetings from space

(German) United Space in Europe

United Space in Europe

U.S. Commercial Cargo Ship Departs the Space Station Headed for a Destructive Reentry

Space Station Commander Celebrates Thanksgiving in Orbit

New Space Station Crew Member Discusses Life in Space with French Journalists

'Hey Bill Nye, What Will Happen to Life on Earth If the Moon Keeps Drifting Away From Us? '

Weight Loss: Simple Science Until Our Emotions Intrude |

'Hey Bill Nye, Why Do I Have to Go to School?' #TuesdaysWithBill

Does Black Friday Shopping Keep Workers from Their Families? | C. Nicole Mason

World's 7 GREATEST Lost Treasures (Still To Be Found!)

The 7 Creepiest REAL Ghost Photos of All Time

🐞 Costa Rican Jungle 360° - Planet Earth II

Scorched Planet - Earth’s Fiery Future

Einstein's Greatest Mistake - with David Bodanis

Bicubic Interpolation - Computerphile

30 Puppy Videos Compilation 2016

Ministerial 2016: Science

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The 10 CREEPIEST WEBSITES on the Internet! pt. 2

🌈 How The Moon Creates Rainbows

Everything Wrong WIth Pocahontas In 11 Minutes Or Less

Cassini’s High-Flying, Ring-Grazing Orbits

Obama Pardoned the Turkey that Killed My Family

The Largest Number on the Internet! -- DONG

The Apollo Program's Loneliest Astronauts

Saving Lives With Gus: Incarcerated Hernia

Mystery in Lousiana - Poverty Point

Where Does Your Music Taste Come From?

The secrets of Mozart’s “Magic Flute” - Joshua Borths

15 Funny Pet Videos Compilation 2016

10 bizarre sexuelle ZustΓ€nde!