Monday, February 29, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio & The Nature of Reality: Crash Course Philosophy #4

10 AMAZING Animals that Will Soon Go EXTINCT!

Atlas ICBM: "This Is Atlas: Intercontinental Ballistic Weapon System" 1954 Convair-USAF

The Invention of the Neutron Star

Global Real UFO Sightings Disclosure 2010 2011 2012 OVNI 飞璟 ΠΠ›Πž ユーフォー eXoPolitcs

REAL AMAZING NASA UFO's of 2013 [HD720p] OVNI 飞璟 ΠΠ›Πž ユーフォー

New #ISS Commander Onboard

Magicians Of India - 1940 - Ella73TV

The Flat Earth Update | Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

What Are the Brightest and Darkest Things in Space?

What's Up for March 2016

A 14-Year Old Aces AP Calculus & Western Europe's Ramblers | SYSK Internet Roundup

Freakishly GIANT Animals That Actually Exist! 5 Weird Animal Facts!

Why Do We Have Leap Years?

James Gleick on the Common Character Traits of Geniuses

Can you solve the frog riddle? - Derek Abbott

So You Want to go to Mars?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO)

Are Rated-R Movies Really That Terrible For Kids?

The Oscars Controversy Has Gotten Ridiculous, says Lewis Black

Living up a bum - The Sea Cucumber and Pearl Fish

The Baltic Sea Anomaly Unexplained Mysteries

Run For Your Light

Sunday, February 28, 2016

πŸ‘€ 10 Worst Nazi Concentration Camps

William Shatner Explains the Importance of His Friendship with Leonard Nimoy

10 Incredible Solar System Images

Ist unsere Existenz reiner Zufall? Anthropisches Prinzip

NASA Tour of The International Space Station - ISS

The 10 Most Mysterious Pictures From The Moon

Crazy HUGE Animal Gatherings! 5 Weird Animal Facts : EP.55

Massive Snakes Invade Chicago! EP. 421 SnakeBytesTV

🧠 Can Your Memory Make a Murderer?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Electromagnetic Sense | Electricity of Life

Ben Davidson: An Introduction to Earthspots | EU2015

The Specious Present

Why It's So Hard For The Government To Hack Your Phone

Social Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #49

Do Five Dimensional Black Holes Prove Einstein Wrong?

NASA Hubble Space Telescope The Eagle Nebula 4K

ESA Euronews: Bald ein Dorf auf dem Mond?

Expedition 47 Crew Final Qualification Exams

Space Station Live: Hamming it up on Space Station

Space Station Live: My Brother’s Coming Home

ISS Expedition 47-48 Crew Conducts Pre-flight activities in Russia

ISS Expedition 47-48 Crew News Conference in Russia

Open Science: GeneLab & VEGGIE

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Reflects on His Year in Space

What's a False Killer Whale?

One of the Deadliest Airplane Hijackings

Space Station Live: African American History Month

Women in Science Summit 2016 Recap | California Academy of Sciences

How the US Government Became So Big | Time Capsule

Tonight's Sky: March 2016

πŸ’€ 10 Most Shocking Events In History

Virgin's New Spaceship

Mind-Controlled Limbs and Home-Made Skin

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #37

Friday, February 26, 2016

9 Science Experiments That Ended in Disaster

A Tour of Pictor A

A Tour of B3 0727 409

Monopolies and Anti-Competitive Markets: Crash Course Economics #25

Potentially biogenic carbon preserved in a 4.1 billion year old zircon - Elizabeth Bell (SETI Talks)

Die 10 schrecklichsten Monster der Urzeit!

Why Can't We Reverse Nerve Damage?

How Being Multilingual Changes You, From Trilingual 'Life of Pi' Novelist Yann Martel

25 Most Puzzling Mysteries Of The Universe

Space to Ground: Cue the Confetti: 02/26/2016

Black Holes as Gravitational Atoms -- Asimina Arvanitaki

Hidden Source of a Powerful Earthquake

Ask Jessi 6!

Earth from Space: Eastern Desert

ESA Euronews: Building a Moon base

Could We Live With Dinosaurs? - Earth Unplugged

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas: A Bipedal Robot with Smooth Moves | HowStuffWorks

😨 One Weird Visual Illusion Explained

SciCafe: Mending a Broken Heart

A Mission of Accomplishments

Restoring Habitats with Magic Beans

How Do Squirrels Find Their Nuts?

Space Station Crew Trains Outside Moscow

How ancient art influenced modern art - Felipe Galindo

Ke$ha Cocktail Tutorial | #FreeKesha

Mayo Clinic Minute: What Heart Sounds Tell Us

Everything Wrong With Olympus Has Fallen In 15 Minutes

5D Storage Will Preserve Human History for Eternity

Oscars 2016: Is the Academy Racist, or is it the Hollywood Machine?

Where Are All the Women Scientists?

The Hidden Caves of the Cuban Mangrove

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who Will Win The Race To Mars?

Why the Big Bang Definitely Happened | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Longest Project Mercury Spaceflight: Flight of Faith 7 1963 NASA; MA-9; Gordon Cooper

3 People Who Probably Saved Your Life

Classroom - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

How Science Experts Make Movies Better

NASA | Scientists Link Faraway Fires To High Ozone Levels In Pacific

How a Team of Female Astronomers Revolutionized Our Understanding of Stars

How Mushrooms Make It Rain

How Do We Know What Air is Like on Other Planets?


Stereo 3D Vision (How to avoid being dinner for Wolves) - Computerphile

Greatest Goats || Awesome Compilation

Black Holes

The Millionaire Machine - Numberphile

JWST Primary Mirror Installation Complete

30 Post-Fame Careers of Celebrities and Athletes - mental_floss List Show Ep. 408

Space Station Live : Constrained Vapor Bubble

ISS Commander Discusses His Year-Long Mission with U.S. TV Networks

Virtual Reality Program Lets You See Proteins That Could Be Causing Cancer

You Won't Believe What Rhinos Do At Night - Africa - BBC

Tim Peake chased around ISS by a gorilla

360° Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur - BBC Earth

Comparison of the central part of the Milky Way at different wavelengths

Close look at the ATLASGAL image of the plane of the Milky Way

Preparing America for Deep Space Exploration Episode 12: Built for Exploration

25 Crazy Insights Into The World Of The Google Empire

The Next Antibiotic May Come From Your Beard

Feynman diagrams

ISS reboost

Unsere Heimatgalaxie - die Milchstraße. Ein großes UFO-Àhnliches Objekt

Our Galaxy - The Milky Way. A big UFO-like Object

Political Correctness Doesn't Censor, It Keeps Comedy Fresh

How Hackers are Making the World Safer

Quantenphysik - Kopierschutz dank UnschΓ€rfe

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Colonizing Venus with Giant Balloons

Space Station Live: Wrapping Up the One Year Mission

ScienceCasts: Horn-rims and Funny Stockings on the Space Station

What Causes Growing Pains?

The Line Between People And Pets

HILTON RATCLIFFE: "Discovery" of Gravitational Waves | Thunderbolts

How Can This Super Hot Planet Have Ice?

25 Awesome Lifehacks To Solve Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

The psychology of narcissism - W. Keith Campbell

Why Do Men Think Women Like Them When They Clearly Don't?

10 Cool Dog Tricks || Awesome Compilation

How 'Making a Murderer' was made - BBC News

10 unglaubliche Fakten ΓΌber deinen KΓΆrper!

Is There A Pimple Cure?

Why Does the Moon Sound Hollow?

The Lesbian Condom Everybody Should Use

πŸ“Ί Does TV Resolution Matter?

Hey Bill Nye, 'Does Science Have All the Answers or Should We Do Philosophy Too?' #TuesdaysWithBill

Doctors and Depression

Everything Wrong With Monsters University In 15 Minutes Or Less

The Many Dangers of the Cuban Jungle

How Snakes Jump and Move Without Legs

How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it) - Katherine Hampsten

Viewing the Universe for the First Time

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About "Healthy Eating"

5 Deadly Prehistoric Sea Monsters Unexplained Mysteries

Leopard Kills Warthog & Lion Steals It!

How to Argue - Induction & Abduction: Crash Course Philosophy #3

πŸ’€ Three mysteries of human evolution

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Alcohol, Caffeine, & Opioids: What Happens When You’re Hooked?

Synthesis of Sodium Cyanide

Hey Bill Nye: 'How Much Energy Would It Take to Power a Time Machine?'' #TuesdaysWithBill

A Tour of NGC 5195

Booze Isn't All Bad

Stress & the Heart – What You Need to Know - Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Minute: Senescent Cells Study

Snakes That Kill Can Also Cure! Venom Hunters

Killer Venomous Snakes! EP. 420 : SnakeBytesTV