Monday, March 9, 2015

πŸ›° Monthly ISS Research Video Update for March 2015

How Anxiety Leads To Bad Choices

πŸ›°️ Q & A from the ISS

🌊 The Stickiness of Water

Astronomy Cast Ep. 369: The Fizeau Experiment

Men Were the First Supermodels

The Three Main Goals for Preventing Nuclear Disaster, with Eric Schlosser

EVA 50th Anniversary

Die teuerste Nuss der Welt | Galileo

Space Station Live: Launching the Twins Study

Once upon a time... #cometlanding

Expedition 43 Crew Visits Red Square

Mysterious Lovejoy Comets

How Long Does It Take to Get to Pluto?

πŸ‘©‍πŸ”¬ Cool Jobs: The Aquatic Biologist

πŸ€– Cool Jobs: The Roboticist

Ask Us Anything: Are Aphrodisiacs Real?

πŸ‘½ Cool Jobs: The Alien Hunter

How to Make a Superbug, and an Even More Super-Collider!

Congressional Committees: Crash Course Government and Politics #7

Future Crimes: Security and Privacy are More Vulnerable Than Ever

Living With A Leopard - Leopards: An Unnatural History - BBC

Gay and Beautiful Budapest - 1938 - Ella73TV

Warning Red - 1956 - Ella73TV

Why Do We Drink Alcohol? The Drunken Monkey Argument

25 Ways You've Been Using Everyday Products Wrong

The Weird Thing Everyone Does After A Handshake

πŸ–¨ Fugitive Ink Flees the Scene to Help Sustain 3-D Printed Tissue

Biophotonics poised to make major breakthroughs in medicine - Science Nation

Rice astronomer gets new view of star formation

Photonics pioneer Leon Esterowitz - ScienceLives