Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On The Shoulders of Giants 1972 NASA; Apollo17 Moon Landing Mission

The White Knight - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Hubble Images Show Expansion of Veil Nebula

"YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!" - Smarter Every Day 142

ESOcast 76: A Polarised View of Stellar Magnetism

Cell-ular Reception: Engineering Tissues to Rebuild Bodies

When Nature Strikes - Landslides

When Nature Strikes - Tornadoes

Getting nectar from the depths of a flower is no easy task

Building the sphere of Archimedes

Tumour immunology and immunotherapy

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lunar Excursion Vehicle Landing Tests 1962 NASA Langley b&w

Simulator Study of Apollo Lunar Orbit Establishment 1965 NASA b&w

Apollo Spacecraft Status Report No 2 1966 NASA

Project Apollo: "Lunar Orbit Rendezvous" 1968 NASA Mission Planning and Analysis Division

How Microbeads In Body Wash Are Ruining The Ocean

25 Most Influential Cities In History That Have Shaped Our Current World

25 Incredibly Gross And Surprising Hygiene Practices From History

Real Martians Moment: What’s Up With The Martian Atmosphere?

Real Martians Moment: The Dirt On Making Oxygen On Mars

Water Flowing on Present-Day Mars

Space Station Crew Member Talks to Hometown Residents In Japan

Real Martians Moment: Modular Robotic Vehicle

Space Station Crew Bids Sayonara to Japanese Cargo Ship

Liquid Water on Mars

PXIE RFQ Arrives at Fermilab

What's it Like to Go Skydiving?

Replication, Re-Analysis, and Worm Wars

When Nature Strikes - Tsunamis

When Nature Strikes - Earthquakes

Why Is There a Magnet Inside My Dog?

When Nature Strikes - Volcanoes

When Nature Strikes - Space Weather

😡 Can we predict what people are going to do?

The incredible collaboration behind the International Space Station - Tien Nguyen

How Engineering Helped Hitchcock Scare the Pants off of You

Journey to the Center of the Galaxy

How Do You Get Diabetes?

Science stories - Small

3D-printing needle creates intricate objects in soft gels

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tour of Sgr A* #UFO4UBlogSpace

A McDonald's Sign in the Outback & The Unsinkable Violet Jessop | SYSK Internet Roundup

Science & Story: Rebecca Skloot - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

NASA News Conference: Evidence of Liquid Water on Today’s Mars

There's Plenty of Drinking Water on Mars

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees (HBO)

Monkey With A Penis Nose : 5 Weird Animal Facts - Ep. 34 : AnimalBytesTV

25 Happy Scientific Facts To Make You Feel Good

Are there good viruses? - Big Questions - (Ep. 204)

A curable condition that causes blindness - Andrew Bastawrous

Rare double celestial treat

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Painting robot follows your eyes to create art

BerΓΌhrungslose Bildschirme

The bat with a conveyor-belt tongue

New Hubble 25th Anniversary Image

Space to Ground: Movie Night: 9/25/2015

Expedition 46/ 47

Biosatellite Program: Between Atom and Star 1988 NASA Space Medicine Research

Confirmation Bias: Your Brain is So Judgmental

Langley Research Center, The 50th Year:A Special Report 1967 NASA

The History of NASA Stennis Space Center - 1994 Educational Documentary - Ella73TV

The Psychopath Next Door :: James Fallon

20 Images You Won't Believe Weren't Photoshopped

Deficits & Debts: Crash Course Economics #9

The Mystery of the Milky Way's Missing Stars

Wild Dogs Attack Spotted Hyenas to Defend Their Kill

Cute, Funny and Heart-Warming Wild Animals

🌏 NOVA | Finding Life Beyond Earth

πŸš€ NOVA | The Pluto Files: Meet the Tombaugh Family

πŸ”­ Mapping the Milky Way From the Inside Out

πŸ‘©‍🏫 An Interview with Sally Ride

πŸš€ How to Land a Mars Rover

🌏 Earth's Magnetic Shield

🧠 A New Way to See the Brain

Real Martians Moment: Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator … What a Drag!

Real Martians Moment: Space Station Science for The Journey to Mars

Next space station crew discusses mission on This Week @NASA – September 25, 2015

3 Epic Space Mission Fails

Saturday, September 26, 2015

9 Feminist Animal Icons

Why are women shaped like fruit?

Why Humanity Needs This Doomsday Seed Vault

Outsourcing Surrogacy - Red Border Films

Superglue: Where did it come from? | Stuff of Genius

Affirmative Action: Crash Course Government and Politics #32

First Picture from Mars' Surface: Viking 1 1st Photo Commentary 1976-07-20 NASA JPL

Discourses on an Alien Sky #18 | The Myth of the Heavenly Twins

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #27

What Scientists Are Seeing Over Greenland 4k

Radical Humility: David Gregory on What Makes Pope Francis Extraordinary

Saul Williams on Pop Culture: "We're all Donald Trump's F--king Apprentice"

Earth from Space: Athens in colour

ESA Euronews: Maritime security

Women@ESA - attractive offers for a career in science and engineering

How memories form and how we lose them - Catharine Young

6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon - 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

Does Your School Matter?

The Banach–Tarski Paradox

The Zipf Mystery

Messages For The Future

What The Future Of Energy Might Look Like | TNTM

The Science of Six Degrees of Separation

πŸ€– The Robot With a "Human" Body - The Hunt for AI - BBC

Thursday, September 24, 2015

How the Biggest Airlift in History Saved West Berlin

This Woman Was One of WWII's Deadliest Snipers

Can Your Memories Be Altered?

Messier 17

How Waves Could've Created the Loch Ness Monster

How the North Won the War and the South Won the Peace

How John Wilkes Booth Deceived His Abolitionist Fiancee

Apollo 13: Houston, We've Got a Problem 1970 NASA; Oxygen Tank Explosion; James Lovell

Rats! What, Where, and How

πŸš€ Let's Nuke Mars!

The Ocean on Enceladus is Really Big

15 Dumbest Lawsuits Ever

Buoyant Rover for Under Ice Exploration

πŸ‘‚ Do You Know This Voice?

How the Human Body’s Immune System Responds in Microgravity

Confessions of an Outlaw: The Art of Balance

Landsat Helps Feed the Birds

Space Station Live: Astro-omics in Space

Space Station Crew Trains for Mission

Lucky Strike -- Extreme Science Pt. 1

U-Tube on YouTube - Periodic Table of Videos

25 Biology Mysteries Humanity Has Not Figured Out Yet

The Veil Nebula

🌐 What is the key idea that led Einstein to the General theory of Relativity?

Vibrant Gaseous Ribbons: The Veil Supernova Remnant

Elegant Math and Failed Theory

Space Station Crew Talks About the Journey to Mars

Ground station chillax

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Oven - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Humanity's New Cousin & An Ancient Giant Virus

The Real Story of Asbestos

Behind the Webb Episode 28 - Strong and Steady

STEM in 30 – Asteroid Redirect Mission

NASA | Hubble Memorable Moments: Tinkertoy Solution

Salman Rushdie on the Refugee Crisis: One Good Reason For Europe to Worry

Space Station Live: Cultivating Plant Growth in Space

Millipedes: The First Land Animals

Mantis Shrimp Fight Club

MysteriΓΆses Licht auf Sicherheitskamera entdeckt?! | MythenAkte

Puberty - The First Kiss

Bria and Chrissy and a HUGE Snake! SnakeBytesTV - Ep. 399 : AnimalBytesTV

Is This The First Pro-Science Pope?

25 Incredible People With Real Superpowers

NASA | Earth’s Oceans Show Decline In Microscopic Plant Life

Anti-Learning (So Bad, it's Good) - Computerphile

NASA Employee Real Martians Moment: No Space for Radiation on Journey to Mars

NASA Employee Real Martians Moment: Low Density Supersonic Decelerator

Deadly Animals Attacks in Slow Motion - Slow Motion - Earth Unplugged

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Space Shuttle First Flight (STS-1): "A Remarkable Flying Machine" 1981 NASA

What Causes Pins and Needles?

NASA astronaut Terry Virts at our Museum in DC

Facing A Fear Of Heights

Digestive System, part 3: Crash Course A&P #45

ScienceCasts: Total Eclipse of the Harvest Moon

Newly Discovered World is Most Like Jupiter

SOFIA flies near Northern Lights

Bill Nye: Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?

Everything Wrong With How To Train Your Dragon

There's No Way Star Wars Blasters Fire Lasers

How Will The World End? (Ask CH)

What’s The Best Way To Learn?

NASA | Getting the Big Picture

Die 10 komischsten Kriegswaffen

Introduction to Scleral Lenses

Know Your Copyright: What is Copyright?

25 Strange Things Auctioned On Ebay You Might Not Know What To Do With

The treadmill's dark and twisted past - Conor Heffernan

Shocking Facts You Never Knew About Coffee! | FACTS IN 5

πŸ”¬ The Microbiome Project: Food Allergies

Military Sea Lions! 5 Weird Animal Facts - Ep. 33 : AnimalBytesTV