Friday, July 31, 2015

How to Launch a Nuclear Missile

Evolutionarily Stable Strategies ft. Richard Dawkins

Can Music Give You an Orgasm?

Sampling Multicolored Microbes off of the California Coast | Nautilus Live

Why Are There Dangerous Ingredients In Vaccines?

πŸ˜ͺ The Power of Sadness in Inside Out

Space Station Crew Members Discuss Life in Space with Ohio Students

Why Are People With Disabilities Still Invisible in the Workplace?

Waltz of the Charged Grains

Hubble: Universe in Motion

Radar Observations of Asteroid 1999 JD6

The Science of Screaming, And What Was the Biggest Dinosaur?

Robo Raven Plays Hedwig

Coffee Mechanics - Sixty Symbols

Baby sloth reared by human and stuffed toy

A speed check on New Horizons

A powerful telescope you can build at home

Mocking The Universe: Better Science Through Data Simulation

Dinner Rolls Made of Plastic Explosives

Was Jack the Ripper Hiding in Plain Sight?

Why Jack the Ripper's Identity May Soon Be Proven

This Is the Only Color Photo of the First Atomic Explosion

Misconceptions about Religions - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 36)

25 Tallest Man Made Structures That Show Our Ingenuity

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Earth from Space: New York City

One Year Mission Crew Members Discuss Life and Research in Space

Swimming With 15 ft Croc! Wild Australia - Pt. 1 : SnakeBytesTV - Ep. 391 : AnimalBytesTV

Python Rescue! The Conservation Files - Ep. 3 : AnimalBytesTV

Can Your Fingertips Grow Back If You Cut Them Off? | Don't Be Dumb

Egg Rationing in Texas & More MacramΓ© | SYSK Internet Roundup

Pluto in a Minute: What's Shaping Pluto's Surface?

Robo Raven III v4

Economic Systems and Macroeconomics: Crash Course Economics #3

Neuroscience: Crammed with connections

Thomas Piketty Believes There’s Still Time to Save the Middle Class

Why These Virgin Women Live As Men

Everything Wrong With The Incredibles In 10 Minutes Or Less

Lifeguard Competition on the Jersey Shore - Red Bull Surf & Rescue

πŸ“– What Is The Magician's Oath?

Space Station Live: From Underwater, The NEEMO Commander

The Planetary Society at the Pluto Encounter

Where Did The First Americans Come From?

Simulation of Gravitational Microlensing

Zooming in on the Lagoon Nebula

10-foot Barking Dog - Periodic Table of Videos

4 People That Vanished Without A Trace | What the Stuff?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Pimp your brain: Southern Blot

Pimp your brain: Western Blot

Musk, Wozniak, and Hawking Push to Stop AI Warfare

Reboot the Suit: Bring Back Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit

How Much Sex Should You Be Having?

Graphene Kirigami

Exploring the whale shark genome

The ABC's of Ticks with Dr. Bobbi Pritt

NASA | How Sunlight Pushes Asteroids

25 Things You Didn't Know About Dreams - mental_floss List Show Ep. 321

The Power of Gravity - Wonders of Life w/ Prof Brian Cox - BBC

Can Walking Through Doorways Make Us Forget? | Don't Be Dumb

Birds in Slow Motion - Earth Unplugged

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What Is Helium?

Cats Get High Too?

Is Male Birth Control A Thing?

The Science Of Hangry

How Do We See Color?

πŸ˜‘ Why Can't You Tickle Yourself?

Glass Delusion | Science on the Web #117

Is The USA Starting World War 3?

The Male Sex Toy Stigma

How ants use ‘combs’ and ‘brushes’ to keep their antennae clean

Everything Wrong With Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

AI Self Improvement - Computerphile

The Factory of Ideas: Working at Bell Labs - Computerphile

15 People That Survived Living Nightmares

Are We Alone In The Universe? #UFO4UBlogScience

The Recipe for a Black Hole

SOFIA Captures Pluto Occultation

"Hey Bill Nye, Does Forever Exist?" #tuesdayswithbill

Could the Firefly Universe Exist?

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Suicide Rate is Going Up. Here’s What We Can Do to Stop it. | Big Thinkers on Mental Health

How to Operate a Lunar Spacecraft From Earth

Handraising Twin Tiger Cubs - Tigers About The House - BBC

Pluto Sends Planetary Scientists Back to the Drawing Board

Blood Vessels, part 1 - Form and Function: Crash Course A&P #27

Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #26

Freedom of Religion: Crash Course Government and Politics #24

Ask Tina: Why can't girls make the first move?

Rosetta orbiter science

Earth from Space: Southern Bavaria

Sentinel-2: an introduction

The Atmosphere of Exoplanet WASP-33b

25 Lost Cities - mental_floss on YouTube - List Show (318)

NASA | Driving A Lunar Spacecraft

Why Do Planes Fly So High?

The Most Advanced Robots in the World

The Akune brothers: Siblings on opposite sides of war - Wendell Oshiro

How blood pressure works - Wilfred Manzano

Why Do We Laugh?

Some Vaccines Support Evolution of More-Virulent Viruses

Do Massages Even Work?

🐌 Why Neuroscientists Love Kinky Sea Slugs

Pluto in a Minute: Why Is It Taking So Long to Downlink Data from New Horizons?

When to use apostrophes - Laura McClure

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Science of DOGS

How Sex Genes Are More Complicated Than You Thought

The Dark Energy Camera Shows Us What Dark Matter Looks Like

Hawking Radiation and Particle Pairs Near a Black Hole

Remembering E.L. Doctorow

Reality Since Einstein

Tracing DNA From The First Americans

New Software Uses Satellites to Predict Floods

Earth-like Planet Around Sun-like Star Discovered

Astronaut Broke Hubble Telescope Part During Repair Job

Doctor Copland Mayo Clinic Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Kiwi meets cat | Massey University

40 Things You Didn't Know About Your Own Brain

25 Depressing Statistics About The World We Live In

25 Historical Figures We Wish Were Still Alive

25 Surprising Sources That Influenced The Creation Of Today’s Funniest Memes

25 Overpriced Things That Are A Waste Of Your Money

25 Of The Most Ironic Things You Will Ever Read About

25 Facts About Norse Gods Hollywood Wont Teach You

Pluto in a Minute: How Did New Horizons Get to Pluto?

Slavoj Ε½iΕΎek is Not Afraid of The New World

Golden Amazon

Vor 20 Jahren: Granatenangriff auf Tuzla

What A Bug Scientist Says About ‘Ant-Man’

Is There A Bermuda Triangle In Space?

Do Teens Really Prefer Marijuana To Tobacco?

Should We Mine This Asteroid For Platinum?

The Future of Observational Astronomy: New Ways of Seeing - Professor Carolin Crawford

The Telescopes of the Future - Professor Carolin Crawford

Super Massive Black Holes - Professor Carolin Crawford

New, Old, and Continuing On

3 Banded Armadillos

997 Snake Eggs! SnakeBytesTV - Ep. 390 : AnimalBytesTV

Rarest Bug In The World! TheConservationFiles - Ep.2 : AnimalBytesTV

SciCafe: Mollusks to Medicine

Was Heath Ledger Murdered?

5 Things Shills Don't Want You To Know

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why the DC-3 Continues to Fly Decades After WWII

How U-Boats Were Destroyed by Code-Crackers

The U.S. Spy Training School You've Never Heard of

Was This North Korean Missile Attack Real?

This SR-71 Pilot Free Fell from the Edge of Space

What It Was Like to Parachute into Enemy Fire in WWII

NASA ~ Expedition 44 Launches To The International Space Station

NASA ~ Expedition 44 Crew Docks To The International Space Station

NASA ~ Expedition 44 Crew Opens Hatch And Enters The #ISS

☄ New Horizons science update on This Week @NASA – July 24, 2015

NASA’s New Horizons Team Discusses New Science Findings on Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons Team Reveals New Scientific Findings on Pluto

Even the President Can’t Talk Openly About Race. What Does That Mean for the Rest of America?

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #24

Pluto in a Minute: Pluto's Hazes Are a Bit of a Beautiful Mystery

15 Real Life Human Superpowers

Why Are Some People Albino?

What is Kepler 452b (Earths' Bigger "Cousin") Like?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Socially Awkward #SquadGoals

What Tibet Can Teach the West About Self-Worth

From mammoths to Neandertals, ancient DNA unlocks the mysteries of the past

Tiny mechanical wrist gives new dexterity to needlescopic surgery

Forecasting Deadly Storm Surges

There's a Giant Hole in the Universe

πŸŒ€ The Ultimate Reality

Carpet Layer/Big Wave Surfer - This and Nothing Else: Cape Fear - S3E3

☎ How Wiretapping Works

Everything Wrong With Super Mario Bros. In 21 Minutes Or Less

Pluto in a Minute: What's Up With Pluto's Small Moons?

Earth Has an Expiration Date