Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why is 2 °C such an important number? The case for radical mitigation -- Alice Bows-Larkin

Discourses on an Alien Sky | The Acid Tests of a Reconstruction

10 MYSTICAL Cryptids That May Actually EXIST!

The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

The Bicameral Congress: Crash Course Government and Politics

The Flu Vaccine is Effective

Where's Our Future Technology? -- Thought Glass #10

Teetotalers Just Wanna Have Fun

Panikattacken: Wenn Angst den Alltag beherrscht

Exploring Careers with LSP

Friday, January 30, 2015

Stanford student develops drug to improve brain plasticity in mice

The Science of Sugar Addiction & The Fifth Taste

The plan to Launch America on This Week @NASA

Are Tracking Chips Being Implanted Into Humans?

Do Freemasons control Washington? | CLASSIC

The Baby In American Sniper Was More Fake Than You Remember

DNA Nanoswitch for Gel-Based Interaction Analysis

Hubble: The Beginning

Earth from Space: Corsican waters

5 Ways to Survive a Snowstorm | What the Stuff?!

What a Girl's Body Hair Means

New Views of Asteroid 2004 BL86

Discovery Of 'Dragon' Dinosaur In China Could Explain Myths

Why Doesn’t Earth Have Rings?

Atoms, Molecules, Elements and Compounds

Mayo Clinic Biobank

The History of Birth Control | TIME

Hotel 22 | Op-Docs | The New York Times

Who was Albert Pike? | CLASSIC

Every Lightning Strike in America in 2011, In One Minute

ScienceCasts: The Strange Way Fluids Slosh on the International Space Station

ESA Euronews: The dark side

Ultrastiff Material Is Light As A Feather

17 Crazy Hair Myths (incl. Can a MARCHING BAND cause HAIR LOSS?!) - mental_floss - List Show (244)

Die 10 komischsten Jobs der Welt - feat. Zeo

Space to Ground: Winter Weather: 1/30/15

25 Facts About Hitler That Might Take You By Surprise

Judo spider tackles armoured foe

Craziest drones in the world

Ancient Star System With Five Planets Discovered | Kepler

Over a Million Flamingos - The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart - BBC

πŸ¦… The Birds and the Bees across Species

πŸ•΄️ The Puzzle of Heterosexual Women

πŸ•Ί The Transgender Decision

Cycles in the Sky: Crash Course Astronomy #3

Eagle Nebula's Iconic "Pillars of Creation" | Cross Eye 3D Video

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Does Rain Smell So Good?

Space Station Live: Fighting Coarsening in Colloids

NASA | SMAP Radiometer versus Radio Frequency Interference

Suni Williams: Commercial Crew a Natural Station Partner

Great Minds: Sergei Korolev, The Chief Designer

Arms that never tire: Robotics in space missions

News From Hubble and Across the Universe - January 2015

Space Station Live: Behind the Glamor of Living in Space

Sokol spacesuit

ISS Benefits for Humanity: Train Like an Astronaut

What’s Happening in the Universe Right Now?

New Views of a Comet, and 5 Ancient Planets Discovered

How does your smartphone know your location? - Wilton L. Virgo

Big Crashes and Close Finishes - Red Bull Crashed Ice 2015

24 Origins of Cheese Names - mental_floss - List Show (243)

25 Fascinating Facts About The Space Race You Probably Didn’t Know

How Drinking Alcohol Might Help You Catch a Cold or Flu

5 Royal Facts About Real Princesses

How To Make A SCORSESE Film In 5 Minutes Or Less

25 Spectacular Inventions Of The 21st Century

Inside a Camera at 10,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

Everything Wrong With The Fifth Element In 16 Minutes Or Less

How The AK-47 Came to be "Made in America" | TIME

πŸ’• Love and the Opportunistic Brain

A Big, Bacterial Smooch - Science on the Web #90

🌐 What Is Fracking?

Race for Cures: On the Racial Politics of Difference in Life Sciences

⛔ The Many Faces of Human Sexuality

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tiny Spacesuits Keep Bugs From Exploding in Vacuum

Diamonds, Pearls and Atomic Bomb Stones - Periodic Table of Videos

Special Spectroscope - Periodic Table of Videos

New Spacecraft Uses Microwaves to Check Soil Moisture

The squid collector: Not your average technician #1

The Da Vinci Shroud - Sindonology

The Mental Element in Murder: Reflections on the Pistorius Case

Silverback showing off to the females - Mountain Gorilla - BBC

25 Horrifying Things Found Living Inside A Human Body

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hour of Code

A Tour of il Gioiello Cluster

Falcon Heavy | Flight Animation

Why Shakespeare loved iambic pentameter - David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor

Does Bigfoot Exist?

Tissues, Part 3 - Connective Tissues: Crash Course A&P #4

Will We Ever Run Out of Dinosaurs?

Science Today: Saving Salamanders | California Academy of Sciences

Intoxicating Alcohol Facts | What the Stuff?!

Snake bite

Will Life Get Better for the Poor?

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! (#16)

10 seltsame Geheimbünde

The Smell of Rain | ScienceTake | The New York Times

An exclusive live chat with Google Lunar XPrize teams!

IXV: Mastering atmospheric reentry

What do you call a new word made by combining two other words?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Rosetta Lander mission: landing on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko - Jens Biele (SETI Talks)

🐽 The Smell of Clean

😨 The Smell of Fear

🌺 Are Flowers Smelling You Back?

πŸ™„ 5 Weird Involuntary Behaviors Explained!

How Do Planets Go Rogue?

Space Station Live: Micro 5

Why do buildings fall in earthquakes? - Vicki V. May

Healthcare Triage Answers Your Questions, Part 2

The Plan to Launch America

LightSail – Flight by Light

Most Women Pee Themselves (and That's OK)

How a Kiss Could Save You From Getting Sick

Robot Rocket Rally 2014 - Meet Robonaut 2

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Will Artificial Intelligence Make Humans Extinct?

Learn the Signs and Symptoms of PTSD, with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

3-D Printer Helps Fight Malaria in Africa

What's the Deal with E-cigarettes and Vaping?

πŸ‘ƒ How Many Smells Can You Smell?

Everything Wrong With National Treasure Book Of Secrets

How to Swim in Sand | ScienceTake | The New York Times

How spontaneous brain activity keeps you alive - Nathan S. Jacobs

10 Fakten über Al-Qaida

How Quantum Computing Will Change The World!

Drugs As Tools For Spirituality

Zooming Into the Monkey Head Nebula | NGC 2174

Relocating Baby Cobras! Corey Wild : AnimalBytesTV

Preview 2015

3D Printer that Prints Carbon Fiber

Monday, January 12, 2015


Donald Scott: Modeling Birkeland Currents, Part 1 | EU Workshop

Are Gamma Ray Bursts Dangerous?

Why don't men wear makeup?

The Modern Revolution: Crash Course Big History #8

Outtakes #5: Crash Course Psychology

Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology Preview

Tissues, Part 1: Crash Course A&P #2

How do vaccines work? - Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut

Is blood ever blue? - Big Questions (Ep. 17)

Oklo, the Two Billion Year Old Nuclear Reactor

25 Incredible Predictions That Actually Came True

Looking at Moon Dust: An Apollo Artifact Comes Out of Storage

Four-finned robot swims like a cuttlefish

Luxus Obstladen in Tokio: Sembikiya | Galileo

The Shining Re-cut and the Oakland Buddha | SYSK Internet Roundup

5 Infamous Doomsday Cults | What the Stuff?!

Wild Inside the National Zoo: Reptile Rejuvenation

Animals security systems

The Orion Nebula - a 3D Visualization Journey

How to always win at Dots and Boxes - Numberphile

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Death of Stars | What Will Happen to Our Solar System When the Sun Dies?

Making a Peanut Butter Sandwich in Outer Space | CSA ISS Science

Why Birds Can’t Stop Flying Into Things

Killing With Poisoned Arrows - Human Planet - BBC

World's Most Extreme Fisherman - Human Planet - BBC

Bizarre fish in Kelp Seas - Blue Planet - BBC Earth

Super Smart Dolphin Answers Questions - Extraordinary Animals - Earth

Amazing and weird creatures exhibit bioluminescence - Blue Planet - BBC Earth

Thousands of sharks visit a sea mount - Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans - BBC

Dolphins trick fish with mud "nets" - One Life - BBC

Cute baby monkeys at play - Cheeky Monkey - BBC

Meeting the incredible Wolf Eel - Deadly 60 - Series 2 - BBC

🎺 How Music Helped Early Humans Survive

The Crossword Puzzle: Where did it come from? | Stuff of Genius


StationLIFE: Nutrition Jan 2015

Biometric Toys Connect With Your Lover ...& Their Heartbeat?

Learn Physics With Angry Birds | App Smart | The New York Times

Do Psychopaths Take More Selfies?

Vor 20 Jahren: Moskaus Schattenseiten

Leaf Geckos: Awesome Stealth Hunting - Madagascar w/ David Attenborough - BBC

ZurΓΌck im BΓΌrgerkrieg: Kinder in Mariupol

KΓΆnig Ludwig II. Historische KriminalfΓ€lle - Welt der Wunder