Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nautilus Viperfish - Dive Highlight

Sea Cucumbers of the Deep

Synesthetic Senses: Green Wednesday, Orange F-sharp

UFO Triangle Over Kumarakom, Kerala, India, August 6, 2014

Michael Steinbacher: Catastrophist Geology | EU2014

Earth Was Hit By Huge Supernovas

Why are Stars Star-Shaped?

What Happens In An Autopsy?

Space Station Live: Robonaut Mobility Upgrades

The Invisible Gorilla (featuring Daniel Simons) - Regional EMMY Winning Video

Video Abstract: Three-Dimensional Microvascular Fiber-Reinforced Composites

60-Second Science: Gary Dell on Psycholinguistics and Language Modeling

60-Second Science: Jennifer Cole on Speech Processing and Computational Linguistics

60-Second Science: Stephen Levinson on Artificial Intelligence and Language

60-Second Science: Chilin Shih on Speech Technologies and Accented Speech

60-Second Science: Torrey Loucks on Stuttering and Neurological Voice Disorders

60-Second Science: Kara Federmeier on the Neuroscience of Language and Memory

60-Second Science: Ryan Shosted on Language Production and Endangered Languages

60-Second Science: Cynthia Fisher on Language and Children

60-Second Science: Duane Watson on Prosody and Language Comprehension

60-Second Science: Sarah Brown-Schmidt on Conversational Language Processing

Sculpting Proteins (featuring Klaus Schulten & Artist Julian Voss-Andreae) - Regional EMMY Winner

Using Light to Measure Brain Activity: EROS Optical Brain Imaging Demonstration

Fruit Flies and the Smell Sense: How a Molecule's Vibration Can Change Its Smell

Sex-Changing Clownfish (4-min)

Explaining Evolutionary Adaptations and Side Effects: The Spandrels of San Marco

Clownfish Sex Tape (The Circle of Life Has Never Been So Sexy!)

MRI Scanner Installation Timelapse (2 Days in 2 Minutes!)

Targeting the HIV Virus: Researchers Solve the Structure of HIV-1 Capsid (IMPROVED AUDIO)

Regenerating Plastic: A Closer Look (At This Wolverine-Like Polymer!)

Guide To: ISIS

Costume Tips for Conventions - Information Elevator #7

What happens when you remove the hippocampus? - Sam Kean

Rose Goslinga: Crop insurance, an idea worth seeding

Everything Wrong With Frozen In 10 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Armageddon In 14 Minutes Or Less

Magic Hexagon - Numberphile

Latest Army Weapons - Atomic Artillery, Tanks, Jet Copters, Einstein & More - 1950s

Scientists detail Front Range air pollution - FRAPPE

Expanding Our Perception

Kids Who Draw Well Are Geniuses!

What TV Looks Like to Dogs and Cats

25 Of The Most Famous Movie Aliens

10 Fakten über das Klonen

Space Station Live: NASA Partners With EPA for Ocean Study

Is Technology the Answer? - Professor Martin Elliott

How Tall Can Skyscrapers Get?

What Causes Morning Sickness?

The Connection Between the New Horizons and Voyager Missions