Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Squeaking Caterpillars Are ADORABLE

Does My Voice Really Sound Like That?

Massive Solar Outburst is Seen From Every Angle

Everything Wrong With Child's Play In 16 Minutes Or Less

Colony Collapse: The Mystery of the Missing Bees | Retro Report | The New York Times

Countdown to the Chemistry Nobel Prize

Genie Scott: "Playing with deception"

Science Bulletins: The Rise of Fire

The Perks Of Having An Older Population

Robots Are Helping Astronauts Live in Space

NASA | Swift Catches Mega Flares from a Mini Star

Lightweight Materials & Structures

8 cool alternate uses for an Android!

Beat Jet Lag With Some "Light" Math

Susan Colantuono: The career advice you probably didn’t get

How Does Saliva Work?

Why the NSA Wants a Quantum Computer, with Brad Templeton

Ghosts of Aleppo (Full Length)

Taylor Swift Shake it Off Parody - Comments!

How taking a bath led to Archimedes' principle - Mark Salata

Newton's 3 Laws, with a bicycle - Joshua Manley

How to think about gravity - Jon Bergmann

How does work...work? - Peter Bohacek

What is color? - Colm Kelleher

Is light a particle or a wave? - Colm Kelleher

Surviving a nuclear attack - Irwin Redlener

What on Earth is spin? - Brian Jones

Is telekinesis real? - Emma Bryce

Growing Bacteria - Sick Science! #210

25 Tragic Stories Of Brilliant Inventors Killed By Their Own Creations

10 Gleichungen, die die Welt veränderten - feat. The Simple Club

Merger between two galaxies (artist’s impression)

Which Countries Will Be Underwater Due To Climate Change?

The Urge To Merge: Why Do We Crave Intimacy?

Clownfish and Anemones

So retten Defibrillatoren Leben - Welt der Wunder

Monday, September 29, 2014

Do I Only Use 10% of My Brain?

Schizophrenia & Dissociative Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #32

A One Minute Trip Around Earth on the Space Station

Life at Extremes: Biology of Brine Pools and Methane Seeps

The Marvelous Creatures of Conrad Seamount

Lights Off: Luminescent Siphonophore

Nautilus World War II Airplane - Dive Highlight

Dumbo Octopus in Action

Unusually Large Dumbo Octopus Sighting

Caribbean Reef Shark Investigates Hercules

The Return of the Black Death: VICE Reports

5 Weird Lobster Facts | What the Stuff

Japan's Suicide Forest & the Salmon Cannon | Internet Roundup

Top 4 außergewâhnliche Maschinen | Galileo

Where Does the $ sign come from? - The Big Question (Ep.5)

If matter falls down, does antimatter fall up? - ChloΓ© Malbrunot

Are the world’s religions ready for E.T.? A Vanderbilt Astronomer Examines the Issue

VUCast: E.T. Phone God?

Night Herping! : The Python Hunter : AnimalBytesTV

3 Animals for Hire

25 Interesting Facts About Northern Lights You Should Know Before You See Them

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Narendra Modi In New York (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Drones (HBO)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How Can Mantis Shrimp Help Fight Cancer?

At What Age Should We Die?

Model Shows Extreme Solar Eruption Hitting Earth

What Is The Chupacabra?

New Views Of The Skies

A Day On Earth

Evolution Is Only A Theory

Great Minds: Richard Feynman - The Uncertainty Of Knowledge

Hubble Space Telescope Directly Observes Exoplanet

Triumph Of Modern Science Over Medieval Superstition

Human Evolution: Did We Come From Monkeys?

The Future Of Humankind

Our Small World

Life Beyond Earth - Origin And Evolution Of Life In The Universe

Great Minds: Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot

Principle Of Minimal Action And Kinetic Energy

Thermodynamic Temperature

Gravity, Branes And Hidden Dimensions

Fission And Fusion

A Short History Of Nearly Everything

The Illusion Of Complexity - Neuroactivity And Complex Behaviour

Time Travel And Complexity

From Simplicity To Complexity - Why Is The Universe So Complex?

Next Generation Telescopes To Solve the Biggest Mysteries of the Universe

NASA's Curiosity Finds Ancient Streambed - First Evidence of Water on Mars

CERN: Recreating The Big Bang

A New Era In Exoplanet Science

Exoplanet Exploration: PlanetQuest Historic Timeline

The Missing Universe: Anti And Dark Matter

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey

Bats Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful

Tardigrades Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful

Cuttlefish Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful

Ponies Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful

Komodo Dragon Saliva Will KILL You

Chimpanzees Choose Their Friends!

Otters: Not as Cute as you Think They Are - Science on the Web #50

Elephants, Death and Empathy -- Science on the Web #48

Extinct Animals Brought Back to LIFE?

Robot Pets of the Future


Lenticular Galaxy (M85)

Rare Earths in a Globular Cluster (M92)

Caroline Herschel and M93

Coffee Break Galaxy (M96)

Owl Nebula (M97 or a Pokemon)

Supernova and Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)

Sombrero Galaxy (M104)

M105 - Elliptical Galaxy

Andromeda's Companion M110 - Deep Sky Videos

Inside the Very Large Telescope (UT2) - Deep Sky Videos

OncologyPRO, a 360 research solution designed around you

The Polarid Camera: Where did it come from? | Stuff of Genius

Electroscopes and Electric Fields in Space

Antarctica: Antarctic Expedition 1939-1941 US Antarctic Service; 3rd Byrd Expedition

How Fast Are You Moving Through The Universe?

Why Are There So Many Spiders in Your House?

Vor 20 Jahren: Die Pest in Indien

Falcon Vs Skydiver - Ultimate Killers - BBC

Supermembrane Separates Oil and Water with Ease

DNA Hydrogel Collapses, Then Remembers Original Shape

Polymer Sheet Generates Electrical Power From Water Vapor

The Great North American Locust Plague

Trash vs. Garbage

JPL Video: Voyager: Inspiring Generations

Voyager Spacecraft: Humanity's Farthest Journey

Voyager: 35 Years Later

Voyager's Ride on the Magnetic Highway

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Carl Sagan Cosmos Voyager

Voyager Captures Sounds of Interstellar Space

Voyager Reaches Interstellar Space

Message to Voyager: Welcome to Interstellar Space

Banning Books Is Stupid ...And Still Happening in the U.S.

Disasters - Army Role in Fires, Tsunami, Earthquakes & Disaster Response 1970s

Has someone been orchestrating stock-market booms and busts?

Asteroid Impact Mission Would Change Orbit of Small Moon

Robert Schoch: The Catastrophic Termination of the Last Ice Age | EU2012

Mel Acheson: How Science Can Lose Its Way | EU2014

Dr. Donald Scott: A New Model of Magnetic Structure in Space | EU2014

Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: On the Validity of Kirchhoff's Law | EU2014

Dr. Michael Clarage: Earth's Electric Environment | EU2014

Comet X1 LINEAR Brightening

Do "Magnetic Waves" Heat the Solar Corona?

Why Is Everyone Waiting To Get Married?

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #9

Western Lowland Gorillas Of Congo

Ant War Captured On Video

Collar Cam Reveals Polar Bear's-Eye View

Only Known Footage Of Extinct Wild Ox

Great White Sharks Scavenge On Whales In Groups

Dazzling Sea Life Swarms Newfound Seafloor Mountain

First-Ever Footage of Deep-Sea Squid Reveals Unique Feeding Behavior

Video First: Snow Leopard Mother and Cubs in Den

Pufferfish Make Seafloor Circles to Attract Mates

Thresher Shark Stun Prey With Tail-Slap

Prairie Dogs Do 'The Wave'

How Animals Shake It Off - Slow Motion

Baby Walrus Adjusts to Big City Life

Higgs Boson Discovery! We think?

More Higgs boson news!

So what IS the Higgs boson?

Quantum Fishing for the Higgs Boson

Why Do Voles Fall in Love?

Dinosaur Burrow: Oldest evidence found in Australia

Contagion: From Simple Cough, to Global Pandemic

Intamuscular Injection

Female Catheterization

Pharmacology: Oral Meds Absorption


25 Incredible Camouflaged Animals

25 Strange Names For Groups of Animals

25 Strangest Things You Can Buy Online

25 Creative Uses For Common Household Items

25 of the World's Most Unique Bridges

States of Matter

How Does The Earth Spin?

Why Does The Earth Spin?

How long does it take for the earth to go around the sun?

How Old Is The Earth?

Why Are Astronauts Weightless?

Are You Lightest In The Morning?

The Electric Guitar: Where did it come from? | Stuff of Genius

"What happens when galaxies collide?" (Ask an Astronomer)

"Why aren't there any green stars?" (Ask an Astronomer)

"Can a galaxy die?" (Ask an Astronomer)

Cooking Up Cometary Crystals (Hidden Universe)

A Galaxy of a Different Color (Hidden Universe)

Pillars of Destruction (Hidden Universe)

Andromeda: Beauty and the Beast (Hidden Universe)

The Galactic Center (Hidden Universe)

MythenAkte - gruseliger Puppe wΓ€chst menschliches Haar?! - creepy Doll Japan

Astonishing Asteroid Becomes a Comet

The Accelerating Winds of Venus

Saturn's Electric Moon Enceladus

Electrical Scarring of Planets and Moons

The SAFIRE Project:Testing the Electric Sun

Real Mars Mysteries for NASA's Curiosity

The Sun -- It's too Round!

The Sun -- Where's the Convection?

Hubble's 20th, nine days of Earth Day, and Robonaut in space on This Week @ NASA

HUBBLE: Window to the Universe

Voyager Humanity's Farthest Journey

Why are nipples naughty?

Why Do People Care About Others?

Meet the Bizarre Hydromedusae

ExoMars: Europe's first tracks on Mars

Planck: Understanding the origins of the Universe

Herschel: Investigating how stars and planets form

Exploring the moons of Saturn

Exploring the moons in our Solar System

Looking inside Planck

Looking inside Herschel

Understanding the Universe with ESA's next science missions

ISO, Herschel and the search for water in space

The Ulysses Legacy: Observing the Sun for 17 years