Saturday, May 31, 2014

ESOcast 63: Flexible Giants — The Evolution of Telescope Mirrors

ALMA Video Compilation

ESO Ultra HD Timelapse Compilation

ESOcast 65: The Chilean Sky in Ultra High Definition

The Difference Between Global Warming & Climate Change

Bethesda Unveils Battlecry Free to Play Deathmatch

The Tiananmen Square crackdown, 25 years later

If Bees Die Out Will Humans Be Next?

Could we turn weather into a weapon?

Catch of the Day

Disney LIED. Finding Nemo is a HERMAPHRODITE! - Smarter Every Day 115

Measure for Measure: Debate of Current Theories in Quantum Mechanics

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #5

Mit Immunzellen gegen Krebs

Magie im Gehirn

Gene zum Schweigen gebracht - der faszinierende Mechanismus der RNA-Interferenz

This Robotic Raptor Can Outpace Usain Bolt

Man Accused Of Stealing Human Skin From Hospital

PewDiePie Google Glass - Comments Video!!

Goodbye Glaciers, and Britain Doesn't Forget To Be Awesome

How to Talk to Daughters About Periods

Is It Safe To Eat Food With Hair In It?

BarkBuddy: It's Like Tinder for Dogs

Auf Leben und Tod: FlΓΌchtlinge auf dem Weg nach Europa

Friday, May 30, 2014

New Supernova, and Internet on the Moon

Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: Sun on Trial | EU2014

A Shocker: Solar Wind Provokes Lightning on Earth

A Journey into a Galaxy Collision

Precision in Science - A History of Measurement - Time, Inches & Atoms 1930s

2012 Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge: Fertilization

Hunting the Black Death

Is The Internet A Secret CIA Project?

Dr. Michael Clarage: Understanding the Electric Sun Model | EU2014

Gene Regulation

Breakthrough of the Year 2010: The First Quantum Machine

The Analysis of Ardipithecus ramidus -- One of the Earliest Known Hominids

An Atomic View of Brain Activity

Dear Albert Highlights: Alan Alda and Brian Greene Discuss Einstein

25 Bizarre Things Happening In China Right Now

Nerdfighteria Census 2014 Results!

What Would You Do if a Mountain Lion Entered Your House? | Man-Eating Zombie Cats

Why NASA's Using Inflatable Spacecrafts

The Marines

Jet Engine Bicycle Blasts Off | Outrageous Acts of Science

How Fuel Efficient Is An Airplane?

ESOcast 46: Catching Light -- Special 50th anniversary episode #6

ESOcast 2: Unprecedented 16-year long study tracks stars orbiting Milky Way black hole

ESOCast 16: E-ELT Site Chosen

ESOcast 11: 32 New Exoplanets Found

ESOcast 14: Orion in a New Light

ESOcast 53: Chile Chill 3

ESOcast 59: Images taken by the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope

ESOcast 31: Pandora's Cluster

VLT 10th Anniversary Trailer

ESOcast 58: ALMA Discovers Comet Factory

ESOcast 41 Special: Going South

ESO Timelapse Compilation

Esocast 19: Photographers of the Night

ESOcast 10: GigaGalaxy Zoom: The Sky, from the Eye to the Telescope

ESOcast 36: ALMA Opens Its Eyes

The movie ALMA — In Search of our Cosmic Origins

ESOcast 38: Faraway Eris is Pluto's twin

ESOcast 56: Gentle Giants in the Desert

ESOcast 24: First planet of extragalactic origin

ESOcast 32: Most Distant Quasar Found

ESOcast 62: Three planets found in star cluster

ESOcast 50: Chile Chill 1

ESOcast 20: Richest planetary system discovered

ESOcast 39: A Black Hole's Dinner is Fast Approaching

ESOcast 35: Fifty New Exoplanets

Derinkuyu Mystery◄ Massive Underground City in Turkey★★★

Bruce Hood on the Domesticated Brain

Detroit Police Department - Training, Operations, City Streets - 1950s

The creation of awareness

Who is JOB 4.0 - Donkey Show! - Ep 7

2014 Mid Year Report on This Week @NASA

NASA | WFIRST: Uncovering the Mysteries of the Universe

Saving the World's Coral Reefs (VOA On Assignment May 30, 2014)

Trend der Woche: Eisschaum-Bier | Galileo

Roberto Unger: Free Classical Social Theory from Illusions of False Necessity

Science Nation - No leader? Now what?

What's in a name? - Epic Science

Sting: How I started writing songs again

Die 10 merkwürdigsten Sendungen

Could A Brain Implant Cure Depression?

How Cassowaries Can Be Total Jerks

9 Types of Bosses

Coding By Text - Computerphile

NASA | Heliophysics Work-Study Students

UFO hovers over an iceberg - Spacing Out! Ep. 75

Touring Londons castles | Euromaxx

Earth from Space: Rhine waters

WHO EMRO: Message from Dr Ala Alwan for World No Tobacco Day

SpaceX Dragon V2 | Unveil Event

Thursday, May 29, 2014


SpaceX Dragon V2 | Flight Animation

Here's Why Bacon Smells Irresistible

Is Pregnancy 'Contagious' Among Women?

Cynicism, Distrust Linked To Dementia, New Study Says

Why Do Gorillas Pound Their Chest?

Make Me Care About Collective Intelligence

Snapchat Lied to You, Stole Data, & Isn't Really Being Punished

Over the Rainbow: How DOUBLE Rainbows Form

Gopher Tortoises Rescued From Construction Site

Yeti: One of Many Names | Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives

A Massive Mystery | Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives

Morpheus Completes Nighttime Flight Test

Stephen Friend: The hunt for "unexpected genetic heroes"

9 Weird Drinks


Can You Trust Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)

How to Hack a Car: Phreaked Out (Episode 2)

Aaron Hurst on the Purpose Economy

NASA | Global Hawks Soar into Storms

Invisible Motion

Amazing Science

A Message to Recent Graduates, from Nicholas Negroponte

Bone Crusher - How to Catch an Anaconda | River Monsters

At Least 84 Graves Discovered Under Atlanta Golf Course

25 Ways List25 Has Gone Bonkers After Reaching 1 Million Subscribers (And It's All Your Fault!)

NASA | GOES-R: Living with Space Weather

How Dumb Is An Ostrich?

Can Avoiding Sex Help You Win a Game?

The Tour of Suffering

Alpine Rescue - Episode 3 - Angels of Mont Blanc

Lighting up the Sydney Opera House

Associate Professor Dieter Hochul - The nature of cities: urban ecology in a changing world

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome to the Space Station

Anti-Surveillance Mask - Wear This Man's Face?

Milk, and the Mutants That Love It

New Crew Docks to ISS

Study: Disturbance in blood flow leads to epigenetic changes in atherosclerosis

Is Spring Fever Real? - Instant Egghead #68

What the hell is HAARP actually doing?

Brain Surgery Through Nose Nabs Hard-to-Reach Tumors

Science Nation - Check out the assembly line of the future!

Timothy Geithner: Don't Lose the Memory of Panic


26 Famous Art Heists - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.207)

25 Common Words That You Didn't Realize Are Actually Brand Names

COPS: Skyrim - Season 5

Cooking that kills

Modified worms grow two heads

Out-of-Body Experiences - Science on the Web

Kitra Cahana: Stories of the homeless and hidden

How remote sensing can help address food security around the world

The Full Monty - Numberphile

Huge Dynamo May Lurk in the Milky Way Galaxy

What Causes Pee Shivers? | Don't Be Dumb

How To Prepare Your Pet for an Emergency

20 Creepiest Places in the World

Reverse Polish Grows on Trees - Computerphile

Breakfast with the Gibbons - Zoo Quest for a Dragon - BBC

Why Do Ants Drug and Enslave Aphids? - You Asked - EarthUnplugged

Edward Snowden: "Ich war ein Hightech-Spion"

Inside the Cannabis Factory | The New York Times

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Treating MS: The long road to drug development

The Sun Series

Is Your Cat Too Fat?

Minerva and the New Hunt for Alien Worlds

Expedition 40 Commander Steve Swanson

Are Child Reincarnation Stories Real?


Candy Crush Heavy Metal Saga - Behind The Scenes!

Human activities that threaten biodiversity

Lost in Translation: The Problem with Email

Zebras Tranquilized from Air to Study Migration

Introduced species and biodiversity

Tracking Dust From Around The World

What Happened To Tank Man?

Ben Hansen of Fact or Faked shows stunning UFO footage - Spacing Out! Ep. 9

UFO over Mexico City

New: Dan Aykroyd talks UFOs with Open Minds

ScienceCasts: The Milky Way is Not Just a Refrigerator Magnet

'Weed Fairy' Gives Away Marijuana In Seattle's Capitol Hill

Jon Mooallem: The strange story of the teddy bear and what it reveals

What are Blood Types?

Best Tricks from Red Bull X-Fighters 2014 in Osaka


What's The BIGGEST Thing In The Universe?

Pulsing circles create grow-and-shrink illusion

How languages evolve - Alex Gendler

Misconceptions About the Universe

Everything Wrong With Oblivion In 12 Minutes Or Less

10 unglaubliche Fakten über Spider-Man

Face-to-Face with a 20-Foot, Monster Anaconda | River Monsters

How Spouses Are Genetically Similar

RSA Shorts - Anyone Can Change the World

Powdered Alcohol: What It Is And How You Make It

Morpheus Lunar Lander Sets Down in Boulder Field

Why We Are Using Border Collies to Patrol Beaches

Reverse motion illusion creates pigeon neck walk

25 Awesomely Nerdy And Humorous Animal Species Names

Brussels: A Thriving Capital | Euromaxx city

The iPad Magician | Euromaxx

Unusual Photos of Empty Cities | Euromaxx

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tobacco & The Science Behind Cigarettes - Growing to Smoking - 1940s

Space Station to Get a 3D Printer Soon

Is It Safe To Drink Your Urine?

25 Famous Company Names And Where They Came From

Language: Crash Course Psychology #16

The Expedition 40/41 crew prepares for launch and their Soyuz rocket comes together and moves to pad

A digital reimagining of Gettysburg - Anne Knowles

Is the Universe Entirely Mathematical? Feat. Max Tegmark

Post-Shaving Tips | Stuff You Should Know

SMNTY Blooper Reel

Where's The Dirtiest Place On An Airplane?

Could someone really manufacture an earthquake? | CLASSIC

Top 3 Strangest Military Animals

$8 Dollar Homemade Air Conditioner - Works Flawlessly!

New Device Can Slow Spacecraft in the Martian Atmosphere

Africa's Hackers - A Giant Leap | Global 3000

EntschΓ€rfung von Bomben - Welt der Wunder

9/11-Museum in New York: Zu viel Kommerz?