Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Vela Incident: Covering Up Secret Nuclear Tests ☢

Healing Hearts, Space Jewelry, and the Newest Mammal 🐳

Nuclear Testing - Bikini Atoll H-Bomb Blast at 15000 Feet from B-52 Bomber - 1956 ☠

Mysteries of vernacular: Fizzle - Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel ❓

A brief history of plural word...s - John McWhorter 🌐

If molecules were people... - George Zaidan and Charles Morton 😑

What's below the tip of the iceberg? - Camille Seaman ❄

The terrors of sleep paralysis - Ami Angelowicz πŸ‘»

What's the definition of comedy? Banana. - Addison Anderson 🀑

The hidden meanings of yin and yang - John Bellaimey ❓

Mysteries of vernacular: Bewilder - Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel ❓

The Trilateral Commission - CLASSIC ❓

Questions no one knows the answers to (Full Version) - Chris Anderson ❓

Exploring other dimensions - Alex Rosenthal and George Zaidan πŸŒ€

If superpowers were real: Super speed - Joy Lin πŸƒ

What's invisible? More than you think - John Lloyd ❓

RNAi: Slicing, dicing and serving your cells - Alex Dainis ⚛

Who won the space race? - Jeff Steers πŸ’₯

Should you trust your first impression? - Peter Mende-Siedlecki πŸ‘½

The science of macaroni salad: What's in a molecule? - Josh Kurz ❓