Monday, July 8, 2013

Lunar Anomalies - CLASSIC 🌚

NASA | GROVER in Greenland ❄

Lilliputian Hallucinations - Epic Science πŸ„

❓ How Does Krispy Kreme Work?

Myths and misconceptions about evolution - Alex Gendler πŸ™Š

πŸ‘¨‍πŸš€ Volare spacewalk training

How Will the World End? ☄

Callux gets the horn - FFF Pranks 🀑

3D-printed landmine and shield help train deminers πŸ–¨

25 Worst Cases Of People Being Wrongly Accused 🀴

Pets Make Us Healthier! 😻


Time Capsule #8 - Mike's Milky Way ⚛

NASA | Planetary Scientist Profile: Brent Garry ⚛

Horny frogs fight with their moustaches 🐸

NASA TV: Mars Curiosity Landing. JPL Control Room. Spine-chilling! πŸ›°

Petabytes of data at Large Hadron Collider - Sixty Symbols ⚛

Nature's Way - the Chemistry of Green Leaves | Tomorrow Today 🌱

Gerd Binnig - Chemistry under the Microscope | Tomorrow Today πŸ”¬

Clean Chemistry - Nailing Down the Right Catalyst | Tomorrow Today πŸ”¬