Sunday, May 26, 2013

😱 Do You Really Need Your Pinky Toe?

πŸ›° Whovians vs Star Wars Fans Battle at Sci-Fi Con

πŸ‘¨‍πŸš€ What Jobs Does an Astronaut Do in Space? | ESA Science

πŸ”¬ Stem Cell Treatment Cures Blindness

πŸŒ€ EPIC Matrix effect w/ a ceiling fan & 1 GoPro (ghetto bullet time)

😈 Are You Mental Ill? | TNTM

🌱 Medical Marijuana: Stone Cold Science | TNTM

πŸš€ Vsauce at the Vega space rocket launch!

πŸš€ Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8

🎬 Powers of Ten™ (1977)

πŸ¦‡ Chicago Adventure, Part One: Beetles 'n Bats

πŸ€” 56 Acronyms and Initialisms - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.7)

😼 41 Undomestic, Domesticated Animals - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.8)

πŸ’¦ Water Boiling at Everest - Periodic Table of Videos

πŸ•§ Arrow of Time - Sixty Symbols

πŸ‘½ UFOTV® Presents - UFO SECRET The Friendship Case - 2013

πŸ‘ Did We Eat All The Neanderthals?

πŸš€ Wild Weather Predicted on Alien Planets | NASA Space Science

πŸŒ€ Michio Kaku Physics and the Universe, string theory is the only game in town amirite?

πŸ•΅ Idle Talk Costs Lives - FBI Spies, and the Need for Silence in Security - WW2

πŸ™ Steve Backshall on a Deadly octopus - Deadly 60 in Australia

πŸ™ The venemous blue ringed octopus - Deadly 60 - BBC