Sunday, March 31, 2013

🌳 Where Do Trees Get Their Mass From?

🎬 Stranger Danger - Dont talk to Strangers -1950's

πŸ‘½ The X-Conference : The Black Vault and UFO Secrecy - John Greenewald, Jr.

πŸ‘» Paranormal documentary

🐸 Wolverine Frogs & Other Crazy Animal Defenses

🦁 Cute Lion Cubs!

πŸ‘½ Dan Aykroyd Has Seen UFOs

🌞 What If The Sun Disappeared?

πŸ€• The mystery of chronic pain - Elliot Krane

πŸ’» How Too Many Screens Affect Our Brain

✈ Tactical Air Command - US Strategic Air Defense, Supply and Reconnaissance - 1951

🌞 PBS Nova - Saved By The Sun

✈ Newsreel: Jet Crash landing on USS Essex, B-17 in Flames, Dionne Quints & More -1956

✈ Super Guppy Swallows Two Jets Whole | NASA Aviation Science

😒 School CUTS Zombie Survival Class